Fried puffed Bugles crispy horns production line :Production process: mixing of raw materials → extrusion and puffing → shaping and cutting → frying → oil removal → seasoning → packaging

Making fried bugles with a screw extruder generally requires the following steps:

1. Raw material preparation: Prepare flour, starch and other raw materials, and prepare them according to a certain proportion.

2. Mixing powder: Put the prepared raw materials into the mixing machine and stir until they are evenly mixed.

3. Puffing: Use a puffing machine to puff the mixed raw materials. The extruder uses high temperature, high pressure and the rotation of the screw to expand the raw materials and form a loose structure.

4. Forming: The puffed material is formed into a crispy shape through a mold.

5. Cutting: Cut the formed crispy corners into appropriate lengths.

6. Frying: Put the cut crispy corners into a frying pan and fry them to make them crispy.

7. Seasoning: Spray seasoning powder on the surface of the fried crispy corners to increase its taste and flavor.

8. Packaging: Package the seasoned crispy horns for storage and sale.

Using a screw extruder to produce crispy angles has the following advantages:

1. Efficient production: able to process raw materials quickly and improve production efficiency.

2. Uniform puffing: ensure that the raw materials are puffed evenly, so that the taste and quality of Miao Crispy Corn are consistent.

3. Strong controllability: various parameters in the production process can be better controlled.

4. Adaptable to a variety of raw materials: It has good adaptability to different types of raw materials.

5. Continuous production capacity: supports continuous production and meets the needs of large-scale production.

6. Stable product quality: Helps maintain the stability of product quality.

7. High degree of automation: It can reduce manual operations and improve the automation level of production.

8. Energy saving: Compared with other production methods, it may have higher energy utilization efficiency.

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