The application prospects of extrusion and puffing technology are very broad. Here are some possible application areas:

1. Convenience food: Extruded food has become a major category of convenience food abroad. They can be staple food, breakfast, children's food, etc., providing convenient and fast food choices.

2. Artificial meat and milk-replacement drinks: defatted soybeans can be extruded and puffed with seasonings to make artificial meat and milk-replacement drinks, providing vegetarians with alternatives to meat.

3. Granules and instant drinks: Adding puffed soybean flour and seasonings to extruded cereals can make granules, instant drinks, etc., which are convenient, fast and nutritious.

4. Quick porridge and fried bread: Extruded grains can be used to make quick porridge and fried bread, providing a quick and nutritious staple food option.

5. Sandwich snacks and pre-cooked foods: Extruded dehydrated fruit products can be used to make sandwich snacks and pre-cooked foods to increase taste and nutrition.

6. High-fiber food: Using cheap wheat bran as raw material, it can be extruded and puffed to produce high-fiber crispy food, which is helpful for human digestion.

7. Fortified food: Add appropriate amounts of nutrients and vitamins to cereals, and after extrusion and puffing, fortified foods rich in nutrients can be made.

8. Feed: Extruded feed can improve the animal's nutrient absorption rate, help digestion and absorption, eliminate flatulence, and has a unique burnt flavor, making it a high-quality feed choice.

In general, extrusion technology has a wide range of application prospects. It can meet people's demand for convenient, fast, and nutritious food. It can also be used in feed production to improve the nutrient absorption rate of animals.

The application of extrusion technology in the fermentation industry is mainly reflected in the brewing industry and wine making industry. By squeezing the processed raw materials, the fermentation period can be shortened and the yield and quality can be improved.

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