The 2.5 tons per hour pet food production line sent by Jinan Chenyang Technology Co., Ltd. to Malaysia has been accepted and put into production! Thank you to our Malaysian customers for choosing us and trusting us. We also adhere to an honest and responsible attitude and deliver satisfactory equipment to our customers, laying a solid foundation for our customers' market expansion and economic benefits.

2022 is a special year. The country is under epidemic prevention, the economic situation is not optimistic, and travel is blocked. Our company's personnel actively seek breakthroughs and expand customer groups. After the foreign trade and technical team of Jinan Chenyang Technology Co., Ltd. connected with the Malaysian customer technical team, they communicated on the production process, equipment details and other issues through multiple meetings on the Internet, and discussed in depth feasible technical solutions. , finally reached a consensus and confirmed a cooperation agreement, and our company will undertake the construction of a complete pet feed production line with an output of 2-2.5 tons per hour.

Overview:2.5 tons per hour pet feed production line

NO.1: Process Flow

12-warehouse automatic batching storage group, primary mixing, coarse crushing, fine crushing, secondary mixing, premix storage, puffing, drying, vacuum spraying, cooling, finished product storage, packaging, palletizing and other main processes.

NO.2: Equipment Material

The entire production line is made of high-quality carbon steel, and the extruder, dryer, vacuum spraying, and grease tank are made of 304 materials.

NO.3: Control System

At the customer's request, a centralized control system for ingredients crushing and mixing, computer ingredients; independent touch screens for puffing, drying, and vacuum spraying.

NO.4: Other Aspects

Open bridge cables, compressed gas supply system, transformer power supply system, steam gas supply system, material storage system, oil filling system, and water supply system were all discussed in depth.

Detailed explanation of the entire production line

1. Process flow chart

2. 12-bin batching system

Equipped with 500kg/batch batching scale and double-wing gate, weighing accuracy: ±1%

3. Primary mixing equipment

Using a double-shaft high-efficiency mixer with a large door opening at the bottom, the mixing is uniform and the residual coefficient is low.

4. Coarse crushing equipment

Equipped with 2.0 aperture screen, main motor 55kw, and running bearing installation temperature detection.

5. Fine crushing equipment

The 132kw110 Chaowei crusher has a crushing fineness of 80 mesh and a screening rate of 85%, with a production capacity of 2.5 tons/h.

6. Secondary mixing

It uses a double-shaft high-efficiency mixer with a large door at the bottom to achieve uniform mixing and low residual coefficient. It has built-in fuel injection nozzles and is evenly distributed. It weighs oil tanks in batches and has high measurement accuracy.

7. Premix temporary storage

Equipped with double dragon discharge to prevent arching.

8. Puffing equipment

Equipped with a 95x2 twin-screw extruder, 2-layer steam conditioning, single-axis modulation + DDC, uniform modulation, and high degree of maturation. The extruder is equipped with a 110kw main motor, and the gearbox uses NSK bearings. It is equipped with a high-temperature alarm. The screw length-to-diameter ratio is 19.5MM. Full building block combination screw, special configuration for pet materials. The screw is made of CR12MOV alloy material, and the expansion chamber uses a bimetal structure with a built-in alloy wear-resistant bushing. The expansion chamber uses steam heating, water cooling, and PLC automatic temperature control. Touch screen control, parameter visualization, online adjustment.

9. Drying equipment

The dryer uses a circulation belt type with a width of 2 meters. It uses a split assembly structure for the first time. The transmission part uses 304 chain plates, with zero residue and zero damage. Full door structure, easy to clean and maintain. The heat exchange part uses an aluminum fin structure, which is pressure-resistant and corrosion-resistant, and has good heat exchange effect. The control valves use joint venture brands, which are energy-saving, long-lasting and air-tight.

10. Spraying equipment

Using vacuum spray equipment, single-shaft paddle mixing structure, with the functions of adding oil, slurry and powder

This vacuum spraying system is independently developed by Chenyang Company. Its highlight is the addition of automatic powder addition function. The entire system has been patented. The batch mixing capacity of this equipment is 300kg/batch, and the single mixing time is 5-8 minutes. The vacuum value working range is -5-8bar, and the ultimate vacuum value is -9.5bar. The oil adding system, slurry adding system, powder adding system, and the main materials are all controlled by centralized PLC. automatic running. Mixing uniformity: 97%, residual degree ≤ 1%. All valves and valve seals use imported valves. Guaranteed vacuum value. The inspection and maintenance door has a pressure resistance of 6bar. High sealing value.

11. Cooling equipment

Use a replica cooler with a built-in material equalizing structure and a special material flow control mechanism to increase the material residence time and maximize the cooling effect. The temperature of the material after cooling is ≤45 degrees.

12. Storage silo and automatic mixing silo group

Using four 40m³ finished product warehouses, equipped with discharging regulating valves and vibrating discharging devices, online automatic mixing of four kinds of materials can be realized to meet different material packaging requirements.

13. Automatic packaging system

Equipped with automatic packaging systems such as packaging scales, heat sealing machines, tape packaging machines, and automatic palletizers. Meet the packaging requirements of different categories and bag types.

14. Automatic control system

Automatic control in central control room, computer batching. Simulation screen display. Continuous screen operation control.

15. Automatic refueling system

Oil slurry automatic storage and heat preservation control.

16. Other auxiliary systems

Customers taking photos during their visit

Jinan Chenyang Technology Co., Ltd., with the smooth commissioning of this project, also marks that our company has practical production experience in the production of complete sets of pet food processing equipment, laying a good foundation for serving more users in the future. It also opens up a new blueprint for the future development of our company. Welcome big names in the industry to visit our company. Looking forward to your visit!

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