Pet food machine---Processing method of puffed dog food

December 08, 2022
Pet food machine---Processing method of puffed dog food

Dog food processing mainly refers to the use of various means and methods to shape a variety of raw materials or a single raw material to improve the nutrition, palatability and digestion and absorption capacity of pets, so as to exert potential nutritional value and use value.

The processing range of pet food and dog food is very wide, including pet snack food, snacks, tooth cleaning sticks, bone, bone pressing, nutrient (liquid), concentrated dog food powder, dry food, wet food, semi-dry food, canned food, etc. . Different raw materials are processed to varying degrees in order to maximize their nutritional functionality.


The processing of puffed food is basically divided into three categories: physical method, chemical method, and microbial method. The physical method mainly refers to the extrusion, heating, pulverization, and bonding of raw materials; the chemical method is to denature starch and degrade proteins; The rule is to let a certain raw material ferment. Here is a brief introduction to the puffing process in the physical method:

The main purpose of the puffing process for dog food is:

1. Improve the palatability of pet food;

2. Change or improve the nutritional value of pet food;

3. Improve the digestion and absorption rate of pet food;

4. Change the shape and structure of pet food to make it easier for pets to eat;

5. Change the content of different nutritional indicators of pet food, such as: reducing the water content to improve the shelf life of the food, which is conducive to storage;

6. Change the bulk density of food, extrusion granulation, briquetting to increase the bulk density of food;

7. Kill all kinds of mold, salmonella and other harmful substances, improve the safety and hygiene of pet food.

In the processing technology of pet food and dog food, the extrusion process has been widely used in recent years, especially since the 1980s, it has developed rapidly in pet dry food, semi-dry food, and pet snack food. The technology has greatly improved the palatability, nutrition, digestion and absorption, sanitation and safety, transportation, storage and other aspects of pet food, which has a pivotal and positive significance.




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