Overview: Process of Artificial Rice Production Line

November 25, 2023
Overview: Process of Artificial Rice Production Line

Process flow: crushing - batching - mixing - extrusion - vibration drying - secondary drying - cooling - packaging

The fortified rice production system consists of a crushing system, a fully automatic raw material preparation and feeding system, an extrusion system, a vibration drying system, a continuous belt drying system, a cooling system and a packaging system.

(1) The crushing system is used to break large materials into smaller particles or powders to reduce particle size and increase specific surface area to improve dispersion and uniformity.

(2) The fully automatic rice raw material preparation and feeding system is controlled by a microcomputer and can accurately weigh and batch ingredients.

(3) The extrusion system can be started with one click and has real-time data storage, monitoring, alarm and reminder functions. The twin-screw extruder has undergone 3D software design, simulation and computer automatic testing to ensure that it meets the requirements.

(4) The vibration drying system is suitable for drying fragile materials. It has the characteristics of uniform fluidization, no dead gaps and blow-through phenomena, and can obtain uniform drying effects. The system has good adjustability and can achieve stepless adjustment.

(5) The continuous belt drying system uses an external air circulation system, which has the characteristics of high efficiency and low energy consumption. The system can carry out frequency conversion speed regulation, and can adjust the baking time and temperature. In addition, low-temperature drying can better retain the nutrients of rice grains.

(6) The cooling system adopts an efficient rapid cooling system, which can cool the product to near room temperature in a short time.

(7) The packaging system is equipped with a rapid packaging machine, which is efficient and stable and can quickly package products.

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