How to choose the packaging machine for the pet food production line?

March 27, 2023

The output of pet food production equipment ranges from several hundred kilograms to more than ten tons, and the range range is very large. So what kind of packaging machine is equipped in the production line, different customers will have different needs. The packaging machines selected by Chenyang mainly include the following types:

1. Vertical packaging machine

(1) This series of models integrates bag making, filling, sealing, printing, punching and counting;

(2) Adopt servo motor double synchronous belt to pull film, and has automatic deviation correction function;

(3) PLC control components are all international famous brand products, with reliable performance, horizontal sealing and vertical sealing are pneumatic, and the action is stable and reliable;

(4) This machine is matched with a metering device to automatically complete the entire packaging process of metering, feeding, filling and bag making, and date printing;

(5) The advanced design ensures that this series of packaging machines are suitable for different industries, and it is very convenient to adjust, operate and maintain during use. It can be used in conjunction with various automatic metering equipment at home and abroad.

(6) Bag-making form: This machine can make pillow-shaped bags and vertical bags according to customer needs.

2. Bag packing machine

(1) The whole machine has a ten-station structure, and its operation is centrally controlled by a programmable controller (with motion function) PLC and a large-screen touch screen. The operation is simple and convenient.

(2) Equipped with an automatic fault tracking and alarm system, the operating status is displayed in real time.

(3) Empty bag tracking and detection device to realize no bag opening, no dropping and no sealing.

(4) Action execution adopts full servo control system, which is reliable, fast and accurate.

3. Big bag packing machine


(1) Working method: manual bagging, automatic bag clamping after touching the travel switch, automatic filling of weighed materials, automatic loosening of bags.

(2) The scale body can be installed directly on the ground or on a steel structure platform

(3) It has two modes of operation, manual and automatic. The normal working mode is automatic, and manual is used for equipment debugging, calibration and maintenance.

(4) Within the quantitative range, the quantitative value can be set through the instrument keyboard. The packing weight can be set arbitrarily within the range of 10-200% of the rated packing weight.

(5) Packaging weight and packaging times can be displayed automatically, and the current packaging weight and packaging count can be displayed at any time.

(6) With fault or misoperation diagnosis, fault code prompt, and measurement over-tolerance alarm

(7) Automatic zero return, the zero position is detected and automatically corrected every cycle.

(8) With communication interface such as 485, it can communicate with the computer.

These three packaging machines have their own advantages and disadvantages, and customers can choose according to different situations (for reference only):

1. When the customer puts the packaging speed first, the large bag packaging machine > the vertical packaging machine > the bag packaging machine

2. When the customer puts the equipment price first, the price is from low to high: large bag packaging machine > vertical packaging machine > bag feeding packaging machine

3. When the customer puts the quality and style of the packaging bag in the first place, the bag packaging machine > vertical packaging machine > large bag packaging machine

   Of course, the selection of the actual packaging machine needs to be decided according to the different situations of each customer.

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