Pet Dog Food production process

February 10, 2023

High-quality pet food not only needs to meet people's purchasing needs in appearance, but also needs to be more important to animals in terms of nutrition. Only advanced production technology and equipment configuration can meet the production standards of high-quality pet food. Mainly select the appropriate production model according to the customer's formula requirements and investment capacity. Domestic pet feed complete production lines have made great progress in recent years. There are many models to choose from, from small-scale production lines to large-scale production line engineering installations. And the technology has been greatly improved compared to before.

The general small-scale production line includes: crushing, mixing, puffing, drying, seasoning, and packaging processes. 2-5 operators can complete the production needs of the whole plant.

Generally, the small production line configuration can meet the production demand below 1t/h.

Below 200kg/h, use dry method for production and processing, and over 200kg/h, it is recommended to choose wet method for production. With the same production formula and extruder model, the output of wet production is about 1.5-2 times higher than that of dry production.

The automatic production line process runs from, crushing, mixing, puffing, drying, spraying, cooling, packaging lines,

Crushing equipment: Small-scale production uses a pulverizer, and the pulverization reaches more than 60 mesh

Raw material mixing equipment: There are two types of equipment: ribbon mixer and high-speed mixer. The high-speed mixer mixes materials more evenly, and some fresh meat can be added appropriately, and a better mixing effect can be achieved.

Lifting equipment: use the screw conveyor to send the mixed material into the feeding hopper of the extruder to improve production efficiency and reduce labor intensity.

Expansion equipment: At present, the domestic production process of puffing machine is divided into single-screw puffing machine and twin-screw puffing machine. , both of them have no problem under the premise of producing pet feed with low protein and fat content. When producing some products with high fat and protein content, or changing the product formula (usually defined as pet food), inferior single screw will appear Some difficult problems (spraying, unstable discharge, bad shape) refer to the disadvantages of most domestic manufacturers' equipment under normal circumstances.

Small-capacity single-screw extruders cannot meet the needs of a wide range of users because of the large number of manufacturers, lack of core technology, brutal competition and cost issues, and must be equipped with wet production to meet the production needs of the final product. Small-capacity single-screw workmanship It is also relatively rough, and the equipment is not high-grade in the workshop. Even if the product is well made, it is not decent enough when the customer inspects the production plant. Limits the advantage in terms of product price

Small-capacity twin-screw extruders are mainly concentrated in Jinan, Shandong. These manufacturers have long been researching puffed food manufacturers. The puffed food production process is very similar to the pet food production line process. Therefore, the workmanship of the equipment is produced and processed according to food grade, and the appearance and workmanship are very beautiful. After more than ten years of development, the manufacturer can provide a complete set of pet food production line configuration and production requirements. In terms of equipment use, the technology is relatively mature. As long as there are good masters in production, there will be no problems in equipment operation and product production.

During the operation of the twin-screw extruder, due to the double-screw feeding, the feeding will be smoother and more stable, and there will be no lump flow at the feeding end, so the processed products will be very stable, precisely because of this characteristic of the equipment It is the best choice when processing pet food with high oil and protein content and added fresh meat; and it is very convenient to clean the machine after the twin-screw extruder stops. The screw has a self-cleaning function, which greatly shortens the cleaning time and labor compared with the single-screw cleaning. Strength, the screw does not need to be disassembled.

In terms of the difference in aquatic feed production, in short, twin-screw has the following advantages compared with single-screw: twin-screw can produce high-energy formula with a fat content of 11-13% (foreign sources say it can reach 17%), while single-screw generally does not More than 6~8%. The unique twin-screw conveying capacity of the twin-screw machine can control the production of floating materials, sinking materials and slow-sinking products when producing particles with a diameter of 2mm or less.

Drying equipment: The drying process is also an important link in the production process. The energy consumption determines the cost of the product. The high-quality drying box has a very high heat utilization rate. Small-production models mostly use multi-layer belt electric heating Drying box, fuel gas oven. The structure of the small dryer is simple, and the energy consumption will be higher than that of the large feed drying box, but the investment cost will be lower. A high-quality drying box has low energy consumption, low loss, and no leakage. A cheap drying box has a thin insulation layer and inconsistent materials, which affects product quality. Some places that cannot be seen will also cut corners. When choosing equipment, you should look carefully at the oven. Small details can tell whether a manufacturer's workmanship is fine, and it will directly affect the use effect of the equipment during the production process.

Spraying: There are double-drum seasoning machines, single-drum seasoning machines, octagonal barrels, ribbon mixers, double-shaft paddle mixers and other mixing and seasoning equipment, as long as they meet the production process and mixing requirements, you can choose by yourself. According to the spraying requirements of the formula, choose the appropriate seasoning equipment by yourself.

This article only provides reference opinions and a brief introduction to the advantages of each equipment for companies purchasing pet food equipment. It is not used as the basis for equipment selection technical parameters.

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