4TPH pet food production line

Our research focuses on the development of pet food production technology and equipment to improve the palatability and nutritional value of pet food, as well as improve the quality and safety of pet food. In terms of technology, pet food production technology can reflect the customer's formula in the product The shape, size, palatability, puffing degree and moisture content, etc., and can be colored, oil sprayed, sprayed, powder sprayed and finished products are automatically mixed (materials) according to customer requirements. In terms of technology, the pet food production line is designed with automatic ingredient mixing and crushing system, twin-screw extrusion extruder, circulation belt dryer, vacuum spraying machine, and an automatic control center for operation. The whole set of equipment runs automatically. Reduce labor cost input, low cost, high productivity.

Chenyang Machinery pet food engineering follows the concept of continuously creating value for customers, helping you produce higher-quality pet food, reduce production costs to the greatest extent, and gain value.

Scope of application: 

It is suitable for the production and processing of pet food such as cat and dog food, and can also produce floating fish feed.

Extruder product features:

*High-life gearbox; wear-resistant alloy screw bushing: the service life of the screw is more than 20,000 tons, and the service life of the bush is more than 40,000 tons

*High-precision forged double-layer jacket for expansion chamber, which can be heated or cooled;

*Imported bearings, oil seals, gearbox design and processing technology control use domestic cutting-edge technology;

*Self-cleaning twin-screw mechanism, effectively reducing material residue in the barrel and screw, and facilitating barrel cleaning;

*Removable and replaceable wear-resistant bushing of special materials to reduce the cost of use;

*Effectively control the shear force to ensure that the curing time of all materials in the puffing chamber is consistent with the particle expansion coefficient;

*Full wear-resistant alloy screw and bimetal expansion chamber inner sleeve reduce wear and ensure long-term stable operation of the equipment;

*Building block combination screw, reasonable configuration, effectively improve the output of different formulas;

*Specially designed Venturi flocculation discharge device to make the shape of extruded puffed material uniform and stable;

*The automatic control system simplifies the operation, allowing all data to be recorded, and the influence of the operator on the quality of the extruded product is minimized.

Dryer product features:

◆ According to the material characteristics, the screen structure can be customized, which is more conducive to drying materials with various particle sizes;

◆ The material spreading system adopts the variable frequency motor to change the speed between intervals, and the thickness of the material layer is scientifically set; and the material is evenly distributed to ensure the uniformity of product moisture;

◆ Reasonable zoning, reasonable distribution of hot air temperature and air volume, zoning and sealing structure;

◆ The drying airflow and drying temperature in each temperature zone are independent of each other; each temperature zone is equivalent to an independent small dryer; the moisture in each temperature zone is different, which not only ensures the efficiency, but also maintains the nutritional content of the product;

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