2.5/TH pet food production line Shared records of production and delivery

Jinan Chenyang is committed to the R&D and production of pet food machinery. The details of each production line are optimized and continuously upgraded according to customer feedback. It has established good cooperation with many pet food manufacturers at home and abroad. We are also making continuous progress in the production of pet dry food, serving old customers and expanding new customers. In the market development of foreign trade personnel, a complete set of production cooperation of 2-2.5T/h production line has been reached with Malaysian customers. The production line has in-depth communication from the production process flow and steel structure design of the workshop to improve the production process and optimize details. The construction period is 4 months. Production has been implemented. Expressed sincere recognition of our company's services.

The process characteristics of this set of 2-2.5T/h pet food production line, because the customer is building in an open space, our design first considers the smooth process flow, humanized layout in design, adopts 4-story steel structure design, and the workshop construction height is 19 meters ( Due to the height restriction of the client's government), the process uses domestic mainstream secondary mixing, secondary crushing, twin-screw extruder, vacuum spraying, countercurrent cooling, product color mixing, packaging and palletizing, etc. All automatic assembly lines. The batching warehouse adopts 12 warehouses to meet the batching requirements of various formulas, and the batching software adopts the Buhler system. Stable batching, can store a variety of formulas, batching records can be retained for query, raw materials are mixed using a twin-shaft paddle mixer, the mixing uniformity is ≥ 98%, and the residual of the twin-shaft mixer is low, which can ensure the uniform mixing of each batch of raw materials The degree of consistency is consistent, and the pulverizer process adopts coarse powder plus fine powder, and batch crushing. Avoid the sedimentation layer caused by sieving of different raw materials into the pulverizer. Coarse crushing uses a bedroom hammer mill with a crushing fineness of 20 mesh and high output. The fine powder is made of Chaowei pulverizer, and the cutter head is made of tungsten carbide steel with high hardness. The crushing fineness is 80 mesh and the sieve rate is 95%. Ensure that the molding surface of the product is smooth and free of bumpy particles. Add trace elements and a certain proportion of oil in the secondary mixing to increase the oil content of the product. The puffing machine uses a twin-screw puffing machine, the product is stable, the drying uses a belt-type low-temperature drying, the heat loss of trace elements is low, the spraying uses vacuum spraying, and the oil is added by 30%. Using the flap counter-flow cooler, the cooling effect is good, equipped with 4 temporary storage bins, which can store products of 4 different colors, and each bin can store products with a puffing capacity of up to 6 hours. Four colors can be mixed at the same time. In terms of packaging, it is equipped with automatic packaging scales, automatic palletizers, and belt packaging machines. The packaging specifications of 500g-25kg are all realized.

Chenyang CY95-II twin-screw extruder, the main motor is equipped with 110kw, frequency conversion speed regulation. The gearbox uses NSK bearings and the original Nanjing box. The service life is long, the barrel is made of 45 steel circular barrel with alloy bushing embedded, the Venturi is made of 38CrmoaL, and the screw length-to-diameter ratio is 19.5. The production capacity is 2.5T/h, and the wear life is more than 20,000 tons. The machine's good combination of gearbox and barrel screw can ensure 24-hour non-stop production. The feeding method of the extruder adopts the disc arch-breaking feeder, which is uniform and stable in feeding. The modulator uses a single-axis modulator plus a dual-axis differential speed modulator. The modulation effect is good and the degree of ripening is high. The modulator is specially equipped with fresh meat. function to realize the production function of fresh meat and dog food. The extruder is automatically controlled by PLC to control the barrel temperature and other motor parameters. The steam and water addition of the modulator is divided into manual control and automatic control. The automatic control addition can realize the free setting of parameters through the proportional regulating valve, which is similar to the 5-10 ton puffing machine.

 In terms of drying, the customer's technical indicators, the finished product is greater than 2H/h, and the dehydration rate: 32% is reduced to less than 5%, which has high requirements for dehydration and drying capacity. This time, Chenyang Dryer is equipped with a 14-meter 3-layer dryer with a bandwidth of 2 meters, the height of the chamber is 2.4 meters, the ventilation and convection effect is good, the middle section is 12 meters, and each section is 2 meters. The use of stainless steel chain plate mesh belt has a long service life, and the chain plate basically has no maintenance rate. The chain plate punching method uses the new technology designed by Chenyang, which has good ventilation, strong support capacity, and strong material holding capacity. One square can carry 22.5-35 kg of materials. The 3-layer chain plate has independent frequency conversion speed regulation, and the drying dwell time is 30-90 minutes. 2-stage temperature control, automatic proportional control valve. Steam heating, using carbon steel seamless tubes and aluminum fins, good heat dissipation, high energy utilization, independent frequency conversion dehumidification system, humidity digital display, data-based operation. A 3-meter forced cooling section is designed at the discharge end to quickly reduce the surface temperature of the pellets. Ensure that the process buffer chamber will not cause hot steam agglomeration due to excessive temperature before the back-end spraying.

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