What is The difference between baked dog food and puffed dog food? | Chenyang

January 31, 2023
What is The difference between baked dog food and puffed dog food? | Chenyang

The best way to distinguish baked dog food from puffed dog food is that as long as they are baked dog food, they will write baked or baked in Chinese on the packaging.

1. Processing flow of puffed pet food

Raw materials → primary crushing → sieving → secondary crushing → sieving → mixing ingredients (adding vitamins, trace elements, etc. during this process) → extruding → drying → spraying (usually oil, flavor) → cooling → finished product.

2. The processing flow of baked pet food

Raw material preparation→crushing and sieving→mixing ingredients→extrusion molding→cooling→low temperature drying→sterilization→seasoning.

It can be seen that the biggest difference between puffed and baked grain is the different production process. The process of puffed grain is mainly to use high temperature and high pressure in the puffing machine, and then turn it into the shape of individual particles through the mold; The baked food does not use high-temperature steam or high pressure, but is baked and dried at low temperature in the oven. Compared with the general puffing process, the low-temperature baked dog food has less puffing process, and the puffing process is changed to cold extrusion process. The added content of fresh meat is high (the process is more simplified), the loss of nutrients is less, the flavor of fresh meat is retained to the greatest extent, and the palatability is increased. The difference in process is consistent with the emphasis on reducing the loss of nutrients in baked grains and not adding flavoring agents.

There are two main differences between puffed grain and low-temperature baked grain:

(1) Sensory difference. Baked food is a more uniform looking, light brown pet food compared to extruded food. Baked grains are lower than puffed grains in terms of quality cohesiveness, hardness and initial crispness, but have more powder and coating requirements, which is mainly due to the lack of mechanical energy input during the baking process, resulting in starch in baked products Gelatinization is limited.

(2) The difference in fragrance. Baked grains had more bitterness and aftertaste, and the remaining flavor characteristics (such as grain aftertaste, salty aftertaste, bitter aftertaste, vitamin aftertaste, musty aftertaste, butter aftertaste and fishy aftertaste) were lower than those of puffed grains. The reason why puffed grains have different flavors is related to the unique volatile compounds produced during processing.

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