The pet food process has been upgraded again, and the low-temperature baking technology has continued to innovate......

January 29, 2023

In recent years, more and more pet owners regard nutritional ratio, ingredient composition, palatability, user reputation, and brand awareness as the main decision-making factors for purchasing pet food. Whether it is pet staple food or pet snacks, more than 50% of pet owners give priority to the composition and quality of pet food itself.

In the research and development of new products, Jinan Chenyang Technology Co., Ltd. continues to innovate in technology and flavor, and provides more personalized and precise exclusive customized food. Among them, the low-temperature baking process has become a hot trend in the near future. Jinan Chenyang Technology's pet food process has been innovated and upgraded again, closely following the development trend of low-temperature baking, and constantly adapting to market demand.

What is pet low temperature baked food?

The concept of low-temperature baking is to bake the raw materials in an oven at a low temperature of 90°C-120°C, and then use a dryer to dry and dehydrate. Low-temperature baked food for pets is mostly put the raw materials into an oven at about 80-100°C (different manufacturers have different production processes), and uses low-temperature baking to let the feed mature slowly. After baking, the granules are crisp and easy to digest, and the surface layer Dry and non-greasy, slow-matured grains without air chambers, no oil or flavoring on the surface, full-price pet food that maintains the original nutrition of the ingredients.

Advantages of low temperature baking:

According to a study by researchers at a university in the Netherlands, drying temperature and drying time have an impact on food nutrition, and they tested puffed food experimentally.Puffing pet food at high temperatures of 160-182 degrees Celsius can significantly reduce nutrients or the biological activity of nutrients, the researchers said. In addition, according to Dr. Turesky's research, high temperature can also change the molecular activity of food.The low-temperature baking technology can avoid the above-mentioned high-temperature problems. On the one hand, low-temperature baking can not damage the nutrients in food, and on the other hand, it can maintain the taste of food. Therefore, for pet owners who demand product quality, low-temperature baking is a process method to ensure the nutritional value of pet food.

Follow us, the next article will talk about the difference between baked dog food and puffed dog food.

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