Introduction of Puffed Core Filling Rice Crackers

December 23, 2022
Introduction of Puffed Core Filling Rice Crackers

Puffed core filling Rice Cracker is a very popular puffed baked snack food in puffed food. 

According to the shape of the food end surface, there are round tubes, rectangles, squares, triangles, hexagons, and figure 8 shapes. Flavors include chocolate, cream, peanut, fruit, etc. The surface of the rice crackers is coated with chocolate, sesame, seaweed, beef seasoning, chicken seasoning, etc. The taste is crispy, hard and crisp, soft and so on. There are two types of extruders: single-screw and twin-screw.

Puffed rice crackers are a kind of food with relatively high technical content in puffed food, which has high requirements on raw materials, machines and processes. Core filling snack food machineTechnological process: Raw material—crushing—mixing—puffing—sandwich—cutting—drying—oil spraying—spraying—cooling—packaging.

1: Raw materials: the main raw materials are corn, rice, flour, etc. The variety and freshness of the grain have a great influence on the taste and color of the product.

2: Puffing: Puffing is the most important part of the entire production process, and it has very high requirements on the performance of the machine. Factors such as mold size, screw structure, screw length-to-diameter ratio, screw speed, feeding size, and temperature in each zone affect the quality of puffed sandwich rice crackers.

3: Drying: The mesh belt specification, mesh belt speed, temperature, heating method and drying time of the dryer will affect the taste and shelf life of puffed food.

4: seasoning: fuel injection seasoning is an important link to perfect and enrich the taste. The amount of fuel injection, the amount of seasoning, the choice of fuel injection nozzle, and the feeding method of seasoning will affect the taste of the product.

Jinan Chenyang Company has been focusing on the puffed food industry for 30 years, serving thousands of customers at home and abroad, including hundreds of puffed sandwich rice cracker customers, and the market share of domestic rice cracker manufacturers is greater than 70%. , Jinmilang, Kaililai and other domestic famous brand extruders are 100% used by Chenyang extruders. We have accumulated rich experience in the field of sandwich rice crackers, whether it is the design of the process flow, or the manufacture of machines, equipment debugging, cleaning, maintenance, and training.

Jinan Chenyang has been committed to the deep cultivation and innovation in the field of puffing technology, and constantly develops new puffed foods machine. It hopes to go hand in hand with food manufacturers all over the world for common development!

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